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Product Description

Building a brand, promoting your business and measuring results has never been easier. Whether it’s a monthly email newsletter or an integrated email marketing and social media campaign, we will make you look better than ever.

Inform and engage your audience with stunning email campaigns tailored to the individual subscriber. Our e-marketing solution has also been designed for spam compliance and maximum deliverability ensuring your emails reach the right inbox.

Use SMS to get in touch with your customers during times when people are unlikely to check their emails. Our e-marketing solution is perfect for SMS appointment reminders, competitions and time sensitive promotions.

Promoting your business to a wider audience is easier than ever before. Our e-marketing solution helps you share your email content with your customers on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Take the administration and hassle out of organising your corporate events. Our e-marketing solution allows you to send invitations, collect and manage registrations and trigger communications to your attendees.

Automation marketing can increase revenue by sending messages that are appropriate for each individual customer’s current relationship with your brand. Our e-marketing solution allows you to create sophisticated autoresponder email and SMS marketing campaigns.


Email, SMS & Social Marketing


  • Data Collection & Management – Acquire customers and build relationships; web forms & surveys, simple data upload, manage unsubscribes, manage bounces, data security.
  • Email Design – We’ll give you everything you need to create a masterpiece; over 60 templates, drag & drop template editor, flexible wysiwig, file & image manager, custom HTML.
  • Dynamic Email Content – Create one email that touches different segments of your database; tailor content to recipient, replaces content automatically.
  • Automation – Let the system do the work for you and send messages that are both timely and relevant; double opt-ins, autoresponders, intelligent automation, timed broadcasts.
  • Email Testing – See what your email looks like before you press send; test 20+ inboxes, test mobile devices.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Real time reporting and analytics available for every campaign you send; open rates, click through rates, social reach.



  • Bulk SMS Messages – Reach customers immediately. Send bulk SMS messages using a reliable Australian provider; SMS customer reminders, SMS product coupons, bounced email follow ups.
  • Interact with SMS – SMS is the perfect platform for conversing with customers. Allow recipients to reply to your SMS messages; SMS competitions, SMS voting, list subscriptions.
  • Virtual Numbers – Virtual numbers are ones that are not attached to a SIM card. We can assist with acquiring virtual numbers for your SMS marketing.



  • Extended Reach – Spread your brand messages further by using social media alongside your email marketing strategy.
  • Publish to Social Networks – Synchronise your email and social marketing. Automatically publish your messages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Social Sharing Buttons – Allow your customers to share your email content by using our social sharing options.
  • Embed forms in Facebook – Grow your subscriber list or run Facebook compliant competitions with our simple ‘add to Facebook’ app.
  • Track & Measure Social Reach – View the impact of your social campaigns. Social reports show you results on social sharing links and your social updates.
  • Grow Your Fan Base – Get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers by making it easy for your brand advocates to share your content on their social networks.



  • Promote Your Event – Create stunning invitations! Using our email design tools, you can create and send beautiful branded invitations that match your event. Insert links to important event information, include event images and sponsor logos.
  • Registrations & RSVP’s – Collect registrations and send confirmation messages. Create a form to collect RSVP’s and place it on your website or link to it from an email. You can also automatically send registration confirmations as soon as people register.
  • Delegate Management – Send follow up messages, SMS reminders and post event surveys. Automate all your delegate communications. Remind delegates the day before an event or get them back from a lunch break on the day.



  • Double Opt-in – Start the relationship off on the right foot by using an autoresponder to confirm subscribers; improved deliverability, helps maintain a clean list, increases your response rate.
  • AutoResponders – Immediately engage with subscribers with the autoresponder feature; send welcome messages, send birthday messages, send anniversary messages.
  • Intelligent Automation – Automatically trigger a series of messages based on key actions taken or specific points in time; event reminders, appointment alerts, membership renewals, shopping cart abandonment.
  • Segmented Campaigns – Send targeted messages by filtering your subscribers by the many different criteria including message viewed and link clicks; re-engagement campaigns, re-purchase campaigns.
  • Timed Broadcasts – Get your message in front of your customers exactly when you want; time sensitive promotions, send messages when contacts are most likely to open.
  • Automated SMS – Use our automation tools to not only send emails but SMS messages also; text customer reminders, bounced email follow ups.


Benefit Summary

  • Creative Control - You can create newsletters, product emails, surveys, SMS, competitions, promotions. You can even integrate social media into your campaigns. With e-marketing the options and possibilities  are constantly evolving – the only limit  is your imagination.
  • Cost Effective – Whatever the size of your organisation,  e-marketing costs much less than traditional  marketing mediums. So you can communicate with your audience as often as you like – without breaking the bank.
  • Easy To Use – Our system has been designed for marketers; you don’t need to be an email guru or online genius. In fact, you can create brilliant e-marketing campaigns right from day one. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Save Time – Let us save you time and effort by taking the administration and ‘leg work’ out of your campaigns. Our automation features can update your database, send triggered messages and even send you notifications when someone  subscribes or updates their details.
  • Targeting – Target the right people at the right time. Our system can segment contact lists and create campaigns that are targeted and relevant to the reader. After all, there’s no point sending cat lovers news about dogs.
  • Track Your Results – You can track exactly how your messages are performing – in real time. In addition to message opens and clicks, our reporting tools will help you track the supply of leads to your sales team and measure the number of new subscribers gained from a campaign.
  • Knowledge Centre – We provide you with the training and resources you need to become an email [& SMS] marketing guru. Our training videos, free live webinars, guides and whitepapers will help you get the most out of our e-marketing system.


For sneak peek of our e-marketing system click here


Email [& SMS] Marketing Plans & Prices

We have two plans to choose from; The Basic Plan is great for people just starting out – you can email your contacts up to 5 times a month.  The Unlimited Plan lets you send unlimited emails every month – ideal for those frequent senders!

Each month we’ll send you an account showing your usage and total costs. Rest assured, there are no contracts so you can cancel at any time.

Note: We’ll seamlessly move you up and down plans as your needs change!

*To begin your Free 30-Day Trial click here


For all pricing details please see the table below;

Description  Price Email Send 
0-500 Contacts $9/mo 2,500/mo
501-2,500 Contacts $29/mo 15,500/mo
2,501-5,000 Contacts $49/mo 25,000/mo
5,001-10,000 Contacts $89/mo 50,000/mo
10,001-15,000 Contacts $129/mo 75,000/mo
15,001-25,000 Contacts $199/mo 125,000/mo
25,001-50,000 Contacts $299/mo 250,000/mo
0-500 Contacts $29/mo unlimited
501-2,500 Contacts $59/mo unlimited
2,501-5,000 Contacts $99/mo unlimited
5,001-10,000 Contacts $149/mo unlimited
10,001-15,000 Contacts $249/mo unlimited
15,001-25,000 Contacts $339/mo unlimited
25,001-50,000 Contacts $649/mo unlimited
1-200 SMS’s 22c/SMS PAYG
201-2,000 SMS’s 21c/SMS PAYG
2,001-5,000 SMS’s 20c/SMS PAYG
5,001-10,000 SMS’s 19c/SMS PAYG
>10,000 SMS’s 18c/SMS PAYG


Email Template Design Services

Once you’ve set up your trial account you’ll have access to a heap of detailed video tutorials and how-to guides to get you up to speed with how to best use our e-marketing platform.

Creating and sending email campaigns is easy and intuitive thanks to our 60+ templates and drag & drop editor. However, we recognise that not everyone has an eye for design. If this is you, we got you covered – we can custom design beautiful looking email templates to use with all of your database email communications and promotions, create branded online enquiry or event registration forms, and much more. To see some examples click here

This custom design service is charged out at an hourly rate. The way it works is you buy small blocks of time [hourly packs] and use it to get us to do design work for you. For more information and to see a full list of custom work we provide click here


Additional Info / FAQs

  • What we need from you.

    We’ll need some basic details to set up your 30 day trial account. The sign up form is located here

  • How to order.

    Simply complete the signup form to start your free 30-day trial.

  • Payment terms & details.

    All payments are processed via PayPal’s payment gateway.

    Email & SMS Marketing services are invoiced on a monthly basis.

    We don’t have long term or lock-in contracts which means you’re free to cancel anytime!

    If you would like to cancel your order simply email us and let us know.

  • How does the 30-day trial work?

    To sign up for our e-marketing system you first have to set up a free trial account. This is very simple and you does not require you to enter any payment information. This trial gives you 30 full days to test and learn about every aspect of our platform. The only restriction is that you can’t send more than 250 emails during the 30-day trial period.

    If you like the system and want to upgrade to an unrestricted account you can do so at anytime during the 30 day trial – you don’t have to wait until day 30. For example, you could sign up for the 30 day trial and immediately upgrade your account in order to remove the email send restrictions. This would allow you to send as many emails as you want from day 1.

    If you don’t upgrade your account during the 30 day period it will be deactivated, however it will stay in our system and so you will be able to reactivate and upgrade your account if you wish to begin using your account again.

  • Does your business qualify?

    We only want to work with good, trustworthy and ethical people and businesses. If you have a bad reputation online and you clearly deserve it then we do not want to work with you. Sorry.

  • Does it matter where my business is located?

    As all of our services are web based we’re able to assist any type of business, anywhere.

    Rest assured we are very accessible via email, Skype or phone should you need to contact us anytime.


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We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.

Find out whether you have all of the elements in place for a thriving online business. Download it right now!

We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.