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Increase your website's exposure and generate more leads and sales by creating Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns.

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Product Description

PPC Campaign Management

Account Setup & Research

  • We’ll analyse your website and/or landing page target keywords and ad-copies to make sure that each one is relevant to the other. These factors are important to achieve higher visibility in AdWords.
  • We’ll analyse your competitors’ AdWords campaigns including their keywords, ads, and landing pages. This enables us to know who we are up against and helps us tailor the campaign strategy more effectively.
  • We’ll set up and link your Google Analytics account to your PPC [AdWords] account. Google Analytics tracks and monitors more detailed key metrics to improve performance of an AdWords campaign.
  • We’ll set up AdWords Conversion Tracking so we can effectively track and monitor conversions of users who click on the ads. A conversion is simply an action a user takes on your site that has value to your business. Conversion Tracking also enables you to track which of your keywords best leads to clicks and conversions such as sales.


Campaign Management

  • We’ll perform keyword research to find the keywords that are most relevant to the campaign’s landing pages and PPC ads as well as those that have high monthly search volumes and low competition.
  • We’ll create and write your text ad copy to be shown on Google and across the Google Network. You also have the option of displaying your ads on Google’s Display Network.
  • We’ll create the best possible ad-groups and organise them thematically to ensure that the campaign can be easily managed and optimized. [An Ad group contains one or more ads which target a set of keywords, placements, or both. You set a bid, or price, to be used when your ad is triggered by the keywords or placements in the ad group. This is called a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) bid.]
  • We’ll perform A/B Ad copy split-testing. Two or more ads are tested side-by-side to determine which performs better at a specific metric, allowing us to make improvements as necessary.
  • We’ll set up Geo-targeting for your campaign to ensure your ads reach only your target market. Geo-targeting is an AdWords search campaign feature that allows advertisers to restrict ad distribution only to users within a specific geographic area.
  • We’ll set up Ad Scheduling and specify which hours or days of the week when we want your AdWords ads to appear. Ad scheduling also includes an advanced setting which lets you adjust pricing for your ads during certain time periods. For example, if we find that your ads get the best results between 8:00 and 11:00am, we can bid more for impressions or clicks during that period.
  • We’ll set up AdWords Campaign Experiments [ACE] to accurately test and measure changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups, ads, placements and more. ACE allows us to test and measure changes in real-time by executing your experimental campaign alongside your original campaign. By performing this type of simultaneous split test, we can tell you precisely the kind of statistical changes your Search and Content campaign changes will produce.
  • We’ll utilise the four keyword matching options to help determine which Google searches can trigger your ads to appear. By applying the appropriate matching options to your keywords, we can best meet your ROI goals.
  • We’ll closely manage your daily budget to ensure you get the best possible ads placement with the budget you have allotted for your campaign. [Your daily budget is the amount that you're willing to spend on a specific AdWords campaign each day. AdWords displays your ads as often as possible while staying within your daily budget. When the budget limit is reached, your ads will typically stop showing for that day. How quickly your ads are shown during a given day is determined by your ad delivery setting.]
  • We’ll closely manage your Keyword Bids to ensure you don’t pay too much to display an ad relative to your competition.
  • We’ll perform keyword research to create a list of appropriate negative keywords so that we can filter out unwanted impressions. [Negative keywords are a core component of a successful keyword list. Adding a negative keyword to your ad group or campaign means that your ads won't show for search queries containing that term. By filtering out unwanted impressions, negative keywords can help you reach the most appropriate prospects, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.]


Campaign Monitoring & Analysis

  • We’ll analyse and monitor your paid search campaign data each month using our enterprise level PPC Management platform. This allows us to recommend and implement further improvements to your account’s performance.
  • We’ll measure conversions each month using the AdWords Conversion Tracking tool. This enable us to identify how effective your AdWords ads and keywords are for you and to recommend and implement further improvements to your account’s performance.
  • We’ll monitor information on clicks, impressions, CTR [click through rate], conversions, CPC [cost per click] each month using AdWords traffic analytics. Effective traffic analysis is key to great campaign performance and helps us to recommend and implement further improvements to your account’s performance.
  • We’ll perform search query report analysis each month to see how your ads performed on actual searches within the Search Network . We’ll identify new search terms with high potential that you want to add as keywords and weed out any terms that aren’t as relevant to your business.
  • We’ll help you with detecting click fraud and in reporting anything suspicious immediately to Google. Proper click fraud analysis & reporting is essential to reducing AdWords costs for PPC advertisers. [Click fraud is a type of Internet crime that occurs in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script or computer program imitates a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad's link.]
  • We’ll monitor your Return on Investment [ROI] each month to determine the amount of value your business has gained in return for the cost of your ad campaign. This allows us to recommend and implement further improvements to your account’s performance. [ROI is the ratio of the cost of advertising relative to the profit generated from conversions such as sales or leads.]
  • We’ll link your Google Analytics account to your PPC [AdWords] account so that we can monitor more detailed key metrics and improve the performance of your AdWords campaign.
  • We’ll create and install analytics tracking code on your website so that we can track and monitor customer interactions with your website. This allows us to recommend and implement further improvements to your PPC account’s performance.



  • We’ll provide you with professional, enterprise-level, data-rich reports each month so that you can monitor the progress of your PPC campaign.
  • We’ll provide you with a ROI analysis report each month. Knowing the ROI helps us to identify which ads, ad groups and campaigns are most effective for generating income for your business. This report is customised based on your goals for the PPC campaign.


Google AdWords Remarketing*

We also provide Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns however this service needs to be custom quoted. If you are interested please contact us via


Facebook PPC Management*

We also do Facebook PPC Management. The process is virtually the same as our AdWords PPC management service and the costs are identical. All you need to do is tell us whether want Google AdWords or Facebook PPC management when adding the service to your cart.


You can see a sample of our ppc campaign results at our portfolio page


Choosing a PPC Campaign…

We have 3 PPC Campaign Management plans to choose from depending on your monthly AdWords budget range. To compare all features click on the button below.

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Additional Info / FAQs

  • What we need from you.

    Once we’ve processed your order we’ll send you an email detailing all of the information we require from you in order to get started.

  • How to order.

    Select the product/s you want to order and add them to your cart.

    View your cart or proceed straight to the Checkout.

    At Checkout select ‘Place order’ and follow the prompts to complete your payment via PayPal.

    Note: Work for the ordered package will only commence once we have all of the required information from you.

  • Payment terms & details.

    All payments are processed via PayPal’s payment gateway.

    PPC Management services are automatically rebilled on a monthly basis.

    We don’t have long term or lock-in contracts which means you’re free to cancel anytime!

    If you would like to cancel your order simply email us and let us know. We’ll cancel your order and ensure no further payments are debited from your account. Alternatively you can login to My Account or your PayPal account, navigate to the subscription area, and select the option to cancel your subscription with us.

  • How do I know what keywords to target?

    As a general rule the best search terms [keywords] for PPC are those that have a high search volume and a low-moderate cost-per-click bid price. At the start of every PPC campaign we perform extensive keyword research to uncover the best keywords to target for your business.

    If you want to do some of your own keyword research we recommend you use Google’s free Keyword Tool.

  • How long will it take to get traffic to my website?

    The benefit of PPC online marketing is the results are almost instant – within minutes of your PPC ads going live you will start to get traffic to your website and/or landing pages.

    Getting traffic to your website is easy, however where we excel is helping you to get targeted ‘buyer’ traffic to your website at the cheapest possible cost. In addition to monitoring and tweaking your PPC ads we also help you track your conversions so that you can truly see the benefit of your PPC campaign on your business’ bottom line.

  • How long should a PPC campaign run for?

    We recommend you run your PPC campaign for at least 6 months. This gives us enough time to fully optimise your PPC ads in order to achieve the most clicks and traffic to your website, while also maximising your conversions.

    Ultimately our goal is to make your sure you get a positive return-on-investment [ROI] – this is where you make more in terms of new leads and sales, directly as a result of the PPC ads, than it costs you in PPC ad and management expenses.

    We find many businesses continue well beyond the 6 month period. After all if every time you spend a $1.00 you get back $1.50 who wouldn’t want to keep doing this over and over again!

  • Will you work for competitors as well?

    Because we build PPC campaigns around specific search terms [keywords] it makes sense that we should only work with one business per search term per geographic location.

    For example, if we are bidding on the keyword ‘Dentist Adelaide’ it makes no sense to bid on the same term/s for another business, otherwise we’d just end up competing against ourselves – which ultimately would drive up the cost per click of the specific search term.

  • What happens to my website if I stop doing PPC?

    As soon as you pause or stop your PPC campaign the traffic generated to your website through the PPC ads will also stop. Other than that there are no adverse effects from ceasing your PPC campaign.

    If you decide you want to ramp up the traffic to your website again we can simply un-pause your campaign or build out a completely new PPC strategy.

  • We already rank #1 for our keyword organically!

    It’s great to rank on the first page of Google for one or more search terms. And if you are happy with the amount of traffic and quality of enquiries you’re currently receiving from your website then perhaps you don’t need to invest in PPC. However, if you want to get more website traffic and make more sales PPC marketing is the way to go.

    At the start of a PPC campaign we always target a large number of keywords and search terms. This allows us to quickly discover which keywords best suit your business in terms of generating quality traffic, conversions and most importantly a return on investment. The added bonus of this process is that the keywords we identify are the same ones you should try and optimise your website and content for in order to improve your organic rankings.

  • How does PPC compare to SEO?

    With PPC marketing you pay a small fee each time someone clicks on your text or display advert, whereas all the clicks your website receives from Google’s organic search results are free.

    On the face of it free sounds better, and it is in many ways, however getting your website to stand out in Google’s search results is not easy. In fact, to get any reasonable amount organic traffic to your website you’ll need to rank on the first page of Google’s search results for your preferred keywords. To achieve this you’ll need to undertake a considerable amount of search engine optimisation [SEO] - all of which will require an investment of both time and money.

    The reason PPC has become such a popular form of online marketing is its speed. In the majority of cases it takes around 2-4 months worth of SEO work to organically rank a website. Compare this to PPC where you can generate traffic to your website almost immediately!

    If you want a heap of targeted traffic to your website, and you want it quick, PPC marketing should be your first choice. Whether your launching a new business, promoting a new product or service, or after more brand awareness PPC is the best way to get your online content in front of more eyeballs.

    Keep in mind that as soon as you end your PPC marketing you’ll no longer get all of the website traffic. On the other hand, high organic search engine rankings will continue to deliver ongoing free traffic to your website for many years to come - all it requires is a bit of SEO maintenance work! That’s why we always recommend you consider adding SEO into your online marketing mix, particularly if you are interested in long term results.

    For more on our SEO services click here

  • Does your business qualify?

    We only want to work with good, trustworthy and ethical people and businesses. If you have a bad reputation online and you clearly deserve it then we do not want to work with you. Sorry.

  • Does it matter where my business is located?

    As all of our services are web based we’re able to assist any type of business, anywhere.

    Rest assured we are very accessible via email, Skype or phone should you need to contact us anytime.


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We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.