5 Email List Building Tactics For Social Media


Email marketing is still considered by marketers around the world to be the best online marketing method. If you combine that with the growing influence of social media, you can take advantage of both of these sources for even more traffic and audience engagement.

Here are 5 email list building tips for social media;

1. Take Advantage Of Your Social Networks.

Your social media profiles are a great place to introduce people to you and your business. All social networking websites have tools that allow users to share content they like. Facebook has ‘likes’, Twitter has ‘re-tweets’, and Pinterest has ‘repins’. Using these tools, people who like your information and content can spread the word to their followers.

2. Use The Facebook Sign-up Tab.

To boost your email list building on Facebook, you can insert a custom tab below your cover photo that links to your email sign up form. The email marketing software provided by the likes of AWeber or MailChimp has an app that can easily be installed onto your Facebook page that links directly to your opt in form.

Another option is to install the ‘Static Iframe Tab’ where you can customise an opt in page with Facebook. You can download it for free by searching for it on Facebook.

3. Using Your Blog.

Bear in mind that your blog is also part of your social profile and can be used as part of your email list building strategy. Place an opt in form on your blog’s sidebar so that it is visible on each post and page to give it as much visibility as possible.

You can also place opt in forms at the bottom of each post, or even in your header.

4. Getting Subscribers To Social Media.

To integrate your email list building strategies with social media, encourage your list members to connect with you on social media. You can do this by adding social media buttons to your emails such as the ‘Like This’ Facebook button and the ‘Tweet This’ Twitter button. These buttons allow your readers to comment or share your content with their followers which helps to spread your messages virally and access a wider audience.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile.

More and more people are checking their emails and social media updates using mobile devices so ensure that everything can be easily viewed on mobiles. Typing on mobiles is not as easy as using a regular keyboard, so make sure your email marketing software allows you to create opt in forms that are easy to complete and that your landing pages are also optimized for mobile.

Send emails in both text and HTML and always test any email templates that you are using.


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Find out whether you have all of the elements in place for a thriving online business. Download it right now!

We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.