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Great businesses are built upon great reputations!

To win in business you need more than just satisfied customers, you need raving fans – the sort that will spread the word and sing your praises to whomever will listen, even complete strangers! It’s called word-of-mouth marketing and it’s the oldest and most powerful form of brand and product marketing there is.

These days people tend to share their experiences online, via review sites, social networks and forums, rather than in person. Your ‘online reputation’ is simply a combination of all of the things people say about you and your business online. Good, bad or indifferent there’s no hiding from your reputation – every review, rating and discussion ever posted about your business is just a click away.

In today’s digital world people’s purchase decisions are significantly influenced by what they research and read online. Think about it, would you buy a product or service if you discover it has poor customer ratings or reviews? What if you were given the choice between two identical products; would you buy from the business with heaps of 5-star reviews, or the business with bad reviews and customer feedback?

It’s now clear that in order to build credibility and trust with your prospective customers you need to have a 5-star online reputation!

Reviews and your reputation…

In business a good reputation is everything! Research shows consumers look at an average of 10 reviews before making a buying decision. Furthermore, 70% of consumers said they’ll trust a business if it has at least 6-10 good reviews!

So, in order to win the respect and trust of your prospects you’re going to need 5-star reviews, and lots of them. In fact, the more you get the better because a 5-star reputation is one of the most powerful lead magnets there is. The best part is your prospects are already pre-qualified and pre-sold on your products and services thanks to all of the wonderful customer reviews and testimonials they’ve discovered about you online.

Online reviews also help drive more traffic to your website, and in turn more leads and sales. Even if your competitors outrank you in Google, users will be more likely to visit your website and enquire about your products and services when they can see your business has a significantly better reputation.

In fact, if a business has a poor online reputation then top search rankings are likely to make things even worse. After all more exposure won’t fix a bad reputation, it just draws more attention to it! This is why it’s so important to build a ’5-Star Reputation’ prior to promoting your business online.


Referral Marketing vs Review Marketing

Referral Marketing vs Review Marketing.


Reputation should underpin all of your marketing efforts!

Reputation is the Foundation of all effective Marketing.

Are you trustworthy?…

A 5-Star Reputation is rarely something that just happens – you need to work on it and the best way is by creating a Reputation Marketing plan.

Reputation Marketing is simply the process of building & promoting a 5-star reputation to as many people as possible. The aim is to position your business as the ‘trusted brand’ & ‘market leader’ in front of thousands of targeted buyers in order to generate more sales of your products & services.

Unlike ‘reputation management’ services, reputation marketing goes beyond just helping a business repair or maintain their reputation. It’s one thing to build a good reputation, but then you need to promote it - you don’t make money ‘managing’ something, you make money marketing it!

However, before you start creating your marketing plan you need to be aware of your current reputation. What are people saying about you and your business online – is it good, bad or mixed? Are people even talking about your products and services? Do you have a bad reputation, no reputation [this is not good either], a good reputation, or a 5-Star reputation?

Fact is you’re only ever one bad review away from a bad reputation! To see what your current reputation looks like click on the link below;

Discover Your Online Reputation Now

Building a 5-Star Reputation

In order to build and market a 5-Star Reputation online you’ll need to follow these 4 steps;

  1. Develop a 5-Star Reputation
    - get 5-star reviews on all of the important and relevant local review sites and business directories
  2. Market your 5-Star Reputation
    - integrate your 5-star reviews into your sales process as well as all of your online and offline marketing
  3. Manage your 5-Star Reputation
    - monitor your reputation and quickly respond to any bad reviews
  4. Create a 5-Star Reputation Culture
    - educate and inspire your staff to collect reviews and further enhance your 5-star reputation
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