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We build websites that work! – they look amazing, are easy to use, rank in Google, and most importantly help you generate leads and sales.

Having a brochure style website just doesn’t cut it anymore. To prosper in the digital age you need to have an ‘effective’ online presence – it’s more than a great looking website with some cool graphics. You need to be able to connect with your audience, draw them in, build trust, explain how you can solve their challenges, show them why they should do business with you and finally offer them a range of specific actions steps they should take in order to get started.

You only get one chance at making a first impression, which is why your website is so important. From the outset you’ll be judged on the appearance of your site, how well it functions and whether it delivers on its promises – this user experience will have a huge impact on how your brand will be perceived in the market place. That means there’s a lot at stake. Add to this the vast number of businesses that now sell their products and services online it’s clear that the once humble website has evolved to become the engine room of modern business – from shopfront, lead generation and conversion tool, to your automated sales and fulfilment system.

Search Engine Friendly.

There’s no use having a great website if it can’t be found!

While everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, high rankings are nearly always the result of a carefully built search engine friendly website. A properly optimised site shows Google your content is unique, trustworthy and relevant to your topic and target keywords – the result is higher search engine rankings and more traffic from visitors searching for your products and services.

But how do you do it? The first thing to understand is every website has two distinct parts. There’s the design-inspired facade everyone sees when they visit your site – the goal of which is to lure in potential customers and compel them to do business with you. Then there is your actual website code – the ‘language’ and building blocks upon which your web pages have been created. This is actually the part the Google ‘bots’ see when trying to figure out what your website is all about – the easier it is for a search engine to find and interpret the meaning and usefulness of your content the better.

In contrast, a poorly coded and structured website will struggle to rank well in the search engines. Some of the most common mistakes include; broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, 404 and other server response error codes, non-indexed webpages, missing xml sitemap or robots.txt files, images without alt tags, missing, duplicate or overly lengthy page titles and meta descriptions, poor internal page linking, slow page loading speeds, a lack of social sharing buttons, no social profile links, and no location based optimisation.

The good news is you don’t actually need to understand any of this! Just leave it to us to build you a perfectly structured and optimised website that Google will love.

Good Looking & Effective!

We build beautifully designed websites that get results. After all, page one rankings on Google are pointless unless you first have a good looking, persuasive and effective website that helps you generate sales.

Ultimately we believe a website should do two things really well;

  1. Your website should help you build a list of email subscribers and/or social followers [Facebook fans, Twitter followers etc.]. This is so you can stay in touch with people who are genuinely interested in your products and services. Whether you provide them with special offers, promotions, useful content, or simply interact with them on a social level, your goal here is to develop your own ‘tribe’ of loyal followers. New customers, more sales, repeat purchasers, brand advocates and ‘ravings fans’ are just some of the benefits you will receive.
  2. Your website should help you make more sales! At the very least it needs to encourage prospective customers to take purposeful action – such as; complete a contact form, make a product or service enquiry, request help or assistance, make a booking or appointment, or place an order. An ecommerce website should also be able to; take and process real time orders, seamlessly integrate with product shipping providers, provide up-sell or complimentary product sale opportunities, create and manage customer invoices & receipts, track orders, manage stock levels, and work in with your accounting and business management software.

Responsive Design.

Websites should always be designed with the end user in mind, however most fail miserably when viewed on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Recent research indicates there are over 1 billion smartphones in use today and that smartphone internet usage will surpass desktop computer internet usage by 2014. The message is clear – if your website doesn’t work well on a mobile device you’re in trouble!

That’s why we design our websites to be ‘responsive’ – this means they perfectly adjust themselves to fit whatever size screen and device they’re being viewed on. The result is a flawless user experience, as opposed to the constant zoom in-and-out that’s required when trying to navigate a non-responsive website.

However, one size doesn’t fit all and there are times when it’s better for you to have a standalone mobile-optimised version of your website, rather than a responsive website. In addition, we also build custom mobile apps for businesses that want to connect and communicate with their users in real-time, wherever they go.

Getting started…

We’ll build you a totally unique website that’ll be both beautiful and functional, and set you apart from all your competitors.

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