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casinos uk There’s not much point having a website if no-one visits it!

Are you struggling to be found online? Want to stand out from your competitors? Need to promote or launch a new service or product? Want to generate more enquires, leads and online sales?

top 10 online casino PPC marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting highly targeted traffic to your website and sales pages. And because your ads get displayed to people that are actually interested in your products and services, they convert.

So how does it work? Pay-Per-Click [PPC] advertising is a form of online marketing whereby you agree to pay a small fee each time someone clicks on your advert. As an Advertiser you’ll need to bid on the keyword terms relevant to your target market – as a result click costs depend on the level of competition for each keyword, and can range from as low as a few cents per click to hundreds of dollars for just one click!

Google AdWords  Campaigns.

Google AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform that enables you to create ad campaigns on different Google web properties. Google AdWords uses a paid search advertising model, in which you bid on the keywords you’ve identified as being most relevant to your product or service. Your AdWords ads are then displayed adjacent to search results on Google when someone uses one of your keywords in their search query. How often your ads appear depends on which keywords and match types you select uk casino online. There’s a number of factors that go into determining how successful your Google AdWords campaign will be. You need to build a list of relevant keywords, develop tight AdWords keyword groups, and finally create compelling text ads. You also need to pass Google’s Adwords Quality Score system in order for your ads to be approved.

online casinos in uk Having a good AdWords Quality Score is essential to a successful AdWords campaign. That’s because this score has a powerful influence over the cost-effectiveness of your paid search campaigns.

*Note: We also do Facebook PPC Management . The process is virtually the same as our AdWords PPC management service and the costs are identical. All you need to do is tell us whether you want Google AdWords PPC or Facebook PPC management when placing your order on our PPC product page.

More clicks for cheaper!

Google AdWords and other search marketing platforms offer pricing discounts for ads that have high relevance, providing searchers with the ads they want to find. Generally speaking the higher your quality score the lower your cost-per-click

In addition, your ad will get displayed more often and appear higher up in the paid search results. So not only will your ad be cheaper but it will be clicked on more often! uk casinos online

Your quality score is determined by several factors; relevance of your ad copy to the keyword, relevance of the ad to its corresponding landing page, the ad’s click-through rate [CTR], historical account performance, as well as other performance factors.

online casino list uk Having a high Adwords Quality Score is critical, however it can be really difficult trying to manage all of the factors that contribute to it – that’s why we use enterprise grade PPC management software that’s specifically designed to track and improve your quality score.

Campaign Optimisation.

Click-through rate [CTR] is a measure of the percentage of clicks you receive on your ads compared with the number of times you ad has been displayed [also known as ‘impressions’]. If your ad has a lot of impressions but no clicks, you will have a low CTR – this reduces the effectiveness of your campaigns and results in a poor quality score.

popular online casinos Negative keywords are essential in building up a successful keyword list. Adding a negative keyword to your PPC campaign ensures your ad will not appear for search queries containing that term. This process helps filter out unwanted ads, lets you reach a more targeted audience and reduces your cost per click – that means less ad spend and a better ROI!

casino online uk In order to achieve a high Google AdWords Quality Score you also need a well-crafted landing page. From the moment a prospective customer reaches your landing page, it should be clear they’ve found what they were searching for. A successful landing page should contain valuable and relevant content including the specific keywords you are targeting, be easy to navigate, and provide a compelling and relevant offer in order to get users to take action. Ultimately the better the landing page, the more conversions you are likely to achieve.

A ‘good conversion rate’ really depends on what the desired conversion is. Conversion rates will tend to be higher if visitors are asked to sign up with a simple form to receive something free. If visitors have to fill out a lengthy survey or provide credit card information, conversion rates will be lower. Conversions can range from 0-50%, however 2% is quite common in most industries

Free AdWords PPC Grader Report*

top online casinos Because AdWords is so complex, it can often be difficult to determine why your campaign might not be working. To help we’ve created the AdWords PPC Grader Report – this fast, free, and easy-to-understand audit of your AdWords campaign will show you all of the ways you could improve your PPC ads in order to maximize profits.

Already use a PPC agency to manage your Google AdWords account? No problems, our free AdWords PPC Grader Report will help you discover jut how well your agency is doing.

Free AdWords Performance Audit

Get tons of traffic today!

Google accounts for nearly 70% of all online searches, which means Google AdWords can drive an enormous amount of traffic to your business top online casino uk.

Google AdWords has revolutionized the online advertising landscape, encouraging advertisers to create ads that cater to the searcher’s needs. However, the same innovative quality requirements that make Google AdWords so unique and powerful also make it hard for advertisers to truly maximize their ROI – especially for inexperienced advertisers

While anyone with a website and credit card can do PPC advertising, most DIYers fail when it comes to generating a return on their ad spend. A professional PPC manager, on the other hand, takes all of the hassle out of creating, monitoring and optimising your PPC marketing campaigns

Put simply, it’s our job to get you the most amount of targeted traffic for the lowest possible cost

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