Squeeze Pages – How To Collect Emails Effectively


The best way of collecting email addresses from prospective customers is with an online squeeze page. A squeeze page is a webpage created specifically to encourage people who visit that page to enter their email into the box on the page. In return for submitting their email they are usually provided with something of value such as a free report, access to an online video or a free subscription to a newsletter.

The procedure for collecting email addresses, also known as list building, is very important to the success of any online business simply because every email address is access to a prospective customer. Once you have an email address you can keep in contact with the potential customer until they unsubscribe from your list

The Most Effective Way For Collecting Email Addresses.

The design of your squeeze page is important because if it does not encourage an appropriate amount of people to provide their email addresses, all the hard work taken to get people to initially go to the squeeze page will be wasted.

For the most part, you would use paid sources such as solo ads, banner advertisements or pay per click advertising to push traffic to a squeeze page. This is traffic that you control for the goal of list building. The main objective is to get visitor email addresses so that you can make contact with them via email marketing.

In some cases, a squeeze page is also called a landing page. But landing page can be anywhere that the customer goes onto your website. A squeeze page can be used as a landing page and that is what smart online marketers do.

How to Collect Emails.

A squeeze page should provide specific information that a visitor was looking for. Your squeeze page design must have a clear focus on the customer directed onto that page. Therefore, it must be relevant to the contents that you placed on your ad that encouraged them to visit the page in the first place.

The squeeze page has to include an opt-in box where your visitor can enter their email address. That is the sole objective of the squeeze page. It is this action that drives your list building process so that you can have further contact with the people who visit the page.

Effective Squeeze Page Design.

The text on your squeeze page should not have a lot of sales copy. You want one or two headlines that draw attention and capture interest. You want to talk about how you or your product can make their lives better, using a shortlist of the top bullet points that will convince them to share their name and email address.

Keep everything “above the fold.” This means that the visitor does not have to scroll the page to see all of the copy. Make the opt-in box visible. Bear in mind that this is not the place to try to convince them to purchase something. That will be done by the sales letter that you direct them to once they’re confirmed as a subscriber to your list and by your follow up email marketing.

Always ensure that you test the opt-in boxes to see if they are working correctly on your squeeze page.

Also, create more than one squeeze page design to test which one works best. If you have a great deal of website traffic but people are not opting-in, then you need to update your squeeze page design. Start by testing different elements from the headline to the bullet points about the offer and even down to the colour of the squeeze page itself.


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