What An SEO Specialist Does To Improve Your Website Rankings


We all want our website to be ranked higher in Search Engines, especially in Google. We all want to know the secret to success and how to be at Rank 1.

The only solution to this is by an honest effort to improve your site content and serve up genuine quality of service through your website.

If you don’t know how to do this or get your rank high, you may end up consulting an SEO expert or Search Engine Optimization Professional. The real SEO experts don’t do any magic or fakery. They just make your web content streamlined and disciplined.

This article explains what work you should expect from an SEO professional to boost your website rankings. Do note that there is no short-cut or guarantee to SEO. It is pure simplicity and discipline that will give you results.

On-page optimization

Optimizing your website must begin at home. In this case it must begin on your web pages. The quantity and quality of content that you have put up on your website must be of a high standard. Search Engines don’t want to serve up nonsense content which is irrelevant to the visitors.

An optimizer will suggest qualitative and quantitative changes for your web page text and images and may also recommend some samples based on his research.

Optimizing your HTML code to serve up clean and error free code is another task that the SEO will handle. This ensures that the visitor has a trouble free and smooth experience so that his browser and your website can talk the same language with ease. They will usually use online validation tools to determine how well written your HTML is. Badly written code or un-optimized apps can lead to major issues in future, which will cause your website to be shunned by Search Engines.

Online Reputation

Your business or service’s online reputation is a key in the success of your website.

Using different methods, the SEO experts can highlight the features of your business which are well recognized and carry goodwill in the market.

Adverse content and false information about your business can be subtly supressed or kept hidden online to prevent it from affecting your online business. Celebrities and Big Brands are very conscious of their online image and must protect their image from adverse and false portrayal online.

Using online reviews, promoted articles, news feeds and accreditation services, SEO can help build up trust in the minds of potential customers.

Link Building

The worth of a website can be determined by how many other reputed websites are pointing to it. The more number of links from reputed website will result in higher search engine rankings. This linking ensures that you are well known and literally “well connected” online.

The links to your website must be relevant and must not be paid links with little qualitative value. SEO experts can work out ways to improve the links you are getting on your website in interesting ways.

Remember, you cannot fool search engines by buying links or by spamming other websites or forums with your own links.

Social Media Presence

With the popularity of Social Networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, businesses are investing more and more in promoting their image online. Many businesses employ people just to make entries in their Twitter and Facebook Accounts and to respond to customers through these social media channels.

Although it may seem silly, but even customers are interacting with their favourite brands more on social media and less in real life. This puts a lot of pressure on the company to ensure quality of service and prompt response on social media websites in addition to having the same content on their website.


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We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.