Website Maintenance

$147 / month

Maximise your website’s performance and protect it against malware, viruses and other nasties. We’ll monitor, protect and back up your website each day as well as manage all your theme, plugin and WordPress updates.

Product Description

You’ve spent money, time and effort making your website great so it makes sense you should want to look after and protect it.

Websites are not static – they exist in the constantly changing and evolving environment of cyberspace, and therefore they need to be monitored and updated regularly.

Generally there are two categories of threats to your website – internal threats caused [unintentionally] by you, and external threats caused by the actions of outside 3rd parties.

These threats are real and can cause damage ranging from temporarily loss or harm to your website through to permanent damage and even the complete loss of your website. Just imagine for a moment losing your entire website and having to start all over again from scratch!

You’re a threat – that’s right you! While it’s important for website owners to be able to manage and update their own online content, the backend of WordPress can be a confusing place for a lot of people. Accidently mess with a core WordPress setting, or worse break some of your website’s code and you could be in real strife.

This is one of the main reasons why we customise all our client’s website dashboards [we include this free in all of our website packages!]. What we do is lock out all of the non-core elements of the WordPress dashboard so you’re left with only the important parts you need to use – like writing and editing blog posts and website pages.

The other, more sinister, form of threat comes from the outside world. While there is no such thing as a 100% secure website, you can make the likelihood of being hacked far smaller by keeping your website more secure than 99% of the others out there.

Out-dated items on your website represent potential security risks as they can be used by hackers to weasel their way into your site’s backend. That’s why keeping your WordPress core version, website theme and plugins up to date is so important. In addition, you should regularly back up your website, make sure your user profiles and login credentials are strong and create a firewall to protect your website against malware, viruses and other nasties. Then you should scan your site daily to ensure it stays safe, making sure to fix up any problems as and when they arise.

Thankfully we can do all of this for you in one low monthly fee.


Website Maintenance

  • Website Health – We’ll manually check your website to see if it is up and running and whether all pages are loading correctly. If we find a problem we’ll let you know about it and then organise to fix it.
  • Webmaster Tools – We’ll check for critical messages and see if there are any new issues with your website such as website crawl errors, sitemap issues, code errors or unexplained and sudden drops in traffic volumes.
  • SQL Database – We’ll scan for and repair any errors to do with your SQL Database. This database stores all of the vital information about your website and if damaged can cause serious issues.
  • Security – We’ll automatically scan your entire website once a day for viruses, malware, trojans and malicious links, as well as maintain a firewall to protect your website against scrapers, aggressive robots, fake Googlebots, brute force attacks and more. We’ll also verify and repair your core, theme and plugin files should we find any problems or breaches.
  • Performance – We’ll scan and test your server and website files looking for possible performance concerns or problems, such as WordPress plugins that slow down your website or plugins that cause conflicts with other plugins or your main theme.
  • WordPress Updates – We’ll update your website each time a new and stable version of WordPress is released. However, before we update your WordPress version we’ll run tests to make sure it cause any conflicts with your website’s current plugins and theme.
  • Theme Updates – We’ll update your website’s theme, as and when it is required, so that it remains 100% functional and compatible with each new version of WordPress. Before we update your theme we’ll run tests to ensure it won’t cause any conflicts with your website’s existing plugins.
  • Plugin Updates – We’ll update your website’s plugins every two weeks. If we find a plugin that needs to be removed or changed we’ll contact you, discuss alternative options and install & configure the best one.
  • Website Backups – We’ll back up your entire website every single day [if we're hosting it], or weekly [if it's hosted elsewhere]. We’ll make two copies of your back up file and store one of them offsite to ensure your data is securely protected. We’ll also make a backup of your entire website before we update either your website’s theme or WordPress version.
  • Custom Design Pack [Bonus] – We’ll give you 30 minutes of our custom design time each month. Get us to fix a break in your website due to a plugin conflict or user error, or have us add in some new functionality to your website – it’s up to you. Here’s a list of some of the custom design work we can provide. If the proposed work is going to require more than 30 minutes, you can simply purchase more hours here. [Note: the 30min monthly time allowance expires each month and does not accumulate].


Additional Info / FAQs

  • What we need from you.

    Once we’ve processed your order we’ll send you an email detailing all of the information we require from you in order to get started.

  • How to order.

    Select the product/s you want to order and add them to your cart.

    View your cart or proceed straight to the Checkout.

    At Checkout select ‘Place order’ and follow the prompts to complete your payment via PayPal.

    Note: Work for the ordered package will only commence once we have all of the required information from you.

  • Payment terms & details.

    All payments are processed via PayPal’s payment gateway.

    Website Maintenance services are automatically rebilled on a monthly basis.

    We don’t have long term or lock-in contracts which means you’re free to cancel anytime!

    If you would like to cancel your order simply email us and let us know. We’ll cancel your order and ensure no further payments are debited from your account. Alternatively you can login to My Account or your PayPal account, navigate to the subscription area, and select the option to cancel your subscription with us.

  • Does your business qualify?

    We only want to work with good, trustworthy and ethical people and businesses. If you have a bad reputation online and you clearly deserve it then we do not want to work with you. Sorry.

  • Does it matter where my business is located?

    As all of our services are web based we’re able to assist any type of business, anywhere.

    Rest assured we are very accessible via email, Skype or phone should you need to contact us anytime.


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We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.

Find out whether you have all of the elements in place for a thriving online business. Download it right now!

We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.