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Without an audience social media is next to useless. We give your social media presence and reputation a boost by getting you more fans and followers.

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Social media can help you create buzz about your business, engage customers, and generate new opportunities.

It’s also a great way of interacting with your target audience in order to build trust and goodwill. However, without an audience social media is next to useless.

The reality is people will form an opinion on your business based on the number of followers you have. If you’ve only got a handful of Facebook fans you’re just not going to make a very good first impression.

People might suspect there’s something wrong with your business or that you don’t have anything of value to say – either way you’ll find that users will avoid you rather than connect or engage with your brand.

But what if you had a thriving Facebook page with thousands of fans as well as heaps of user engagement? That’s what we call ‘social proof’ - users see you’ve already got lots of fans so they feel compelled to join in and be a part of your community.


Boosting your Social Fan Base

Growing a social media fan base is a lot of hard work! Based on our experience a small to medium sized business needs around 1,000-5,000 followers to get a reasonable level of traction with social media.

What we do is give your social media presence and reputation a boost – just tell us how many Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers or Google +1s you want and we’ll do the rest.

Our team of talented and dedicated social media marketers will manually build your fan base with real fans. We even geo-target our Facebook likes packages for the USA, UK, Canada and Australia to ensure you get the right fans for your page.

This service is perfect for creating momentum on a newly created Facebook or Twitter page or for boosting or re-igniting your existing profiles.

Not only will it give your brand a heap more credibility, but it will make it way easier for you to attract even more loyal fans.

Note: We provide social boost packages in bundles of 1,000 and 2,000 fans. If you require more fans simply order multiple packages. If you want to order more than 10,000 fans in one session please contact us for a discounted quote.


Facebook Likes Boost

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with more than 1 billion users. Almost 60% of these users check Facebook at least 3 times in a day!

Our Facebook packages are specially designed to give small & medium sized businesses the social proof they need to attract more fans and get better social media results.

We create a special marketing strategy to promote your page and gather 100% genuine likes. That’s right, the people who like your page do so voluntarily – these are not fake user accounts.

All you need to do is choose a package and tell us your Facebook fan page url and country, then we’ll get to work.


Twitter Followers Boost

Smart businesses use Twitter to find and interact with people who have the same interests and passions. Because Twitter connects people in real time it’s an invaluable tool for building meaningful relationships with customers, as well as influencing the way they think about your product, service or brand. From brand lift to actual direct sales, Twitter allows you to reach an engaged audience.

But to be effective on Twitter you need followers – unfortunately the less you have the harder it is to attract more and get people to take notice of your Tweets.

Our Twitter packages will help you build the social proof you need to look the part and develop a successful following. Rest assured we deliver 100% real, reliable and safe Twitter followers.

Simply select the package you want and give us your Twitter url, then sit back and watch your connections grow!


Google +1s Boost [*not currently available]

Google+ is a social platform that helps you to discover and share [+1] places and things. Generally speaking the more +1s your content gets the more important and trustworthy it is in the eyes of Google.

Google +1s can directly lead to higher search engine rankings for your web pages, improved click through rates on your links and increased social sharing of your content. In fact, according to a recent SearchMetrics Rank Factors Report Google +1s ranked as the most important ranking factor for a website.

We provide high quality +1s for any web based content – from corporate websites, landing pages, sales pages and blog posts to photos, podcasts, YouTube videos or even your Google+ business page. Every order is handled by our experienced team and will be delivered safely, securely and on time.

Decide on how many +1s you want then let us know what url you want us to +1 - it’s that easy.


Social Fan Boost Options

Here’s a list of the various social fan boost options we provide;

Service Description Price
Facebook – 1,000 Likes $247
Facebook – 2,000 Likes $397
Twitter – 1,000 Followers $197
Twitter – 2,000 Followers $297
Google – 1,000 +1s $197
Google – 2,000 +1s $297


Bundle & Save!*

To dominate social media you need to be present and have presence. You need a consistent look and feel across all your social accounts and you need to be actively connecting and engaging with users across as many of the big social media platforms as possible.

Sure you want your brand to stand out from the crowd and you want build a heap of fans and followers, however more importantly you want to achieve a positive and tangible return on your social media marketing investment. Nail this and what you’ll end up with is greater brand awareness, stronger connections, engaged users, more trust, improved customer loyalty and ultimately more leads and sales.

Want to experience the power of social domination – we’ve made things easy by bundling together our social media branding and marketing services. There’s 3 options to choose from and the great news is you save big time!

See our Social Domination Bundles


Additional Info / FAQs

  • What we need from you.

    Once we’ve processed your order we’ll send you an email detailing all of the information we require from you in order to get started.

  • How to order.

    Select the product/s you want to order and add them to your cart.

    View your cart or proceed straight to the Checkout.

    At Checkout select ‘Place order’ and follow the prompts to complete your payment via PayPal.

    Note: Work for the ordered package will only commence once we have all of the required information from you.

  • Payment terms & details.

    All payments are processed via PayPal’s payment gateway.

    Social Fan Boost pacakges are a one-time fee.

    If you would like to cancel your order simply email us and let us know. In order to receive a full refund of your social media branding fees you will need to cancel your order prior to any work being started.

  • How long will it take?

    All work will be completed within 14-21 days.

  • Does your business qualify?

    We only want to work with good, trustworthy and ethical people and businesses. If you have a bad reputation online and you clearly deserve it then we do not want to work with you. Sorry.

  • Does it matter where my business is located?

    As all of our services are web based we’re able to assist any type of business, anywhere.

    Rest assured we are very accessible via email, Skype or phone should you need to contact us anytime.


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We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.

Find out whether you have all of the elements in place for a thriving online business. Download it right now!

We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.