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Review Commercials will enhance your brand and reputation and help you get more leads and sales for your business.

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Review Commercials

Video is huge and here’s why…

94% of consumers watched a video online last week; 76% of smartphone users watch videos at least once per week from their phones; and 40% of 18-24 year olds watch videos more than 10 times per week.

In fact, consumers are now turning to video content to guide their purchase decisions. As a result online video is having a big impact on sales – take a look at these numbers;

  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.
  • 58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy.
  • 71% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a company.
  • 77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers.

When done right, video marketing creates more awareness, brand credibility, traffic and visitors to your website – which in turn leads to more customers and sales for your business.


But where to start?

Creating professional looking video content that will reach and impact your target audience is not easy. Compared with other forms of content marketing video is hard to create – it’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and what exactly do you show in your video in order for it to generate more leads, referrals and customers for your business?

What you need is a Review Commercial

We all know that the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth – that’s when other people rave about you and your business to others – not because they have to - but because they love your products and services so much!

But did you know that 87% of consumers go online after they get a referral to check out the business before they call or email to enquire or book an appointment?

In a day and age where every business is telling us how great they are consumers are increasingly becoming sceptical, seeking out the experiences of friends, colleagues, online reviewers and happy customers to help them make their buying decisions.

Review Commercials are the perfect solution as they combine the best of word-of-mouth marketing with the power of online video marketing.


How it works…

  • What we do is take a positive review or testimonial from your clients and turn it into a 45-60 second professional looking ‘Review Commercial’
  • We hire a professional spokesperson to intro your video, we then create a video graphic to highlight your 5-Star testimonial, then we finish with a call-to-action to encourage people to either call or visit your website.
  • The format of these videos have been carefully created, tested and refined to ensure they get results. In fact, 7 out of 10 people said they would pick up the phone and call after watching one of our Review Commercials.
  • Once complete we also submit your Review Commercial to video sharing sites including YouTube and Dailymotion. We also share the video to your social media accounts and help you promote it on your website and other marketing materials. This ensures your video get seen by more people.

Here’s a few Review Commercial examples;

American Spokesmodel

English Spokesmodel

Note: Australian Spokesmodel example is coming soon…


Benefits of Review Commercials

Review Commercials are the perfect online marketing tool as they provide a whole range of marketing benefits to your business;

1. Brand Marketing - video content on your website, social sites, video sites and local directory/review sites makes your business stand out from the crowd.

2. Social Media Marketing – sharing your review commercial on your social media sites will help your videos get more exposure.

3. Video Marketing – broadcasting your videos on YouTube and Dailymotion helps your videos get found by more people and indexed by the top search engines.

4. Reputation Marketing – by promoting 5-star customer reviews you’ll create more trust in the marketplace and bolster your overall reputation.

5. SEO Marketing – videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results when compared with webpages. What’s even better is video search results stand out which means they get clicked on more, and that means you get even more traffic to your videos and branded website.

What you get:

  • 100% unique and original video
  • Hosted by professional spokesmodel
  • Shot in Hollywood style studio
  • Green screened office backgrounds [or any image as backdrop]
  • On location ipad view of 5-star review
  • Call to action close
  • Perfectly SEO optimised
  • Automatic video share broadcast [YouTube, Dailymotion]
  • Automatic social media syndication [Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ etc.]


Individual value:

  • Hire professional actor – $800 [+/- Royalties]
  • Stage/Hollywood studio – $750
  • Professional videographer – $500
  • Makeup artist – $175
  • Video editor – $500
  • Graphic animator – $400
  • Video optimisation – $50
  • Video broadcasting – $200
  • Social media syndication – $250




You can see a sample of our review commercial results at our portfolio page


What Else

Do you currently have a 5-Star Reputation Marketing plan?

Regardless of whether your reputation is good, bad or indifferent Reputation Marketing is the most important form of marketing in business today. Remember, you’re only one bad review away from a bad reputation so it’s imperative you continue to market and manage your online reputation on an ongoing basis.

Review Commercials are just one of the ways we help businesses like yours build a 5-Star Reputation and dominate your industry and marketplace – to learn more about our complete Reputation Marketing System see the diagram below.

Reputation Marketing System

The Reputation Marketing System - Build your Brand and get more Traffic & Leads.

To learn more about our full Reputation Marketing package click the button below.

Build My Reputation Now!


Additional Info / FAQs

  • What we need from you.

    Once we’ve processed your order we’ll send you an email detailing all of the information we require from you in order to get started.

  • How to order.

    Select the product/s you want to order and add them to your cart.

    View your cart or proceed straight to the Checkout.

    At Checkout select ‘Place order’ and follow the prompts to complete your payment via PayPal.

    Note: Work for the ordered package will only commence once we have all of the required information from you.

  • Payment terms & details.

    All payments are processed via PayPal’s payment gateway.

    Reputation Marketing services are automatically rebilled on a monthly basis.

    We don’t have long term or lock-in contracts which means you’re free to cancel anytime!

    If you would like to cancel your order simply email us and let us know. We’ll cancel your order and ensure no further payments are debited from your account. Alternatively you can login to My Account or your PayPal account, navigate to the subscription area, and select the option to cancel your subscription with us.

  • Can I get bad reviews removed?

    Unfortunately bad reviews cannot be removed. The only person that can remove a review is the person that left the review and even then some review/ratings websites may not even allow that option.

    The only other way to get rid of bad reviews is to smother them with a heap of newer positive reviews. Most reviews sites only show a handful of the most recent reviews, say 5-7, so we just need to get enough reviews to push the bad review onto the next page so it’s out of sight.

    In addition, getting a heap of 5-Star reviews helps to boost your overall review/rating score. For example, 1 bad review of 1/5 [1 out of 5] will give you a total rating of 1/5, however if you add six 5-Star reviews into the mix your overall rating now increases to 4.5/5 – which is virtually a 5-Star rating!

  • Will you work for competitors as well?

    Unlike our search engine optimisation [SEO] suite of services where we’ll only work with one type of business per geographic location, reputation marketing [including review commercials] is different. With SEO you’re trying to outrank your competitors for general search terms whereas reputation marketing is all about ranking for your own name and strengthening your own brand - and that is 100% unique to you. So there is no conflict of interest working with two similar businesses.

    Having said that it’s unlikely that we would end up working for two businesses that operate in the same industry and geographic location particularly when we limit the number of reputation marketing clients we work with.

  • Does your business qualify?

    If you already have a good online reputation, we’ll help you make it even better! Our systems, tools and software takes all of the heavy lifting out of building and maintaining a 5-Star Reputation. If on the other hand you don’t have any online reviews then you don’t have a reputation, so it’s our job to build one for you.

    It only takes a few bad reviews to tarnish the reputation of a great business. If this is you then we’d love to help ‘right the wrong’ and help you re-build [and maintain] the 5-Star Reputation that you deserve.

    We only want to work with good, trustworthy and ethical people and businesses. If you have a bad reputation online and you clearly deserve it then we do not want to work with you. Sorry.

  • Does it matter where my business is located?

    As all of our services are web based we’re able to assist any type of business, anywhere.

    Rest assured we are very accessible via email, Skype or phone should you need to contact us anytime.


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Find out whether you have all of the elements in place for a thriving online business. Download it right now!

We hate spam. We'll never share, rent or sell your personal information.